JYS CO.LTDis a professional metal manufacturer specialized in the supply of all kinds of metal fasteners. Equipped with a modern fleet of machineries, we are able to accept customers' specification and contract manufacturing for our international clients.


【Business project】

  • Hexagonal copper studs, Iron studs, Hot melt copper studs, All kinds of screws, Special specifications screw  
  • Automotive Motorcyle Parts
  • CNC automatic lathe products, Industrial mechanical connector sleeves, Industrial machinery connector holder
  • Special fittings for industrial use,  Automotive Motorcyle machinery parts
  • All kinds of special specifications of the screw
  • Socket set Screws , Hex wrench 


【Manufacturing capacity】

  • Minimum outside diameter0.8MM
  • The maximum diameter of 55MM
  • Maximum length of 2500MM

【Production equipment 】
1. Automatic lathe 22 sets (FIXED HEAD HORIZONTAL0)
2. Automatic lathe 2 sets(SWISS TYPE SLIDING HEAD)
3. CNC automatic lathe 2 sets (FIXED HEAD HORIZONTAL)
4. Thread Rolling Machine 2 sets
5. Table lathe 6 sets
6. Profile groove machine (Phillips, Slotted,Hexagon, Square,triangle)
7. Tapping machine 3 sets
8. Vibration grinding machine 2 sets (Surface Polish, acute angle, shampoo vibration)
9. 400 degree oven 1set (To prevent the surface after the wash oil feel)

【Major customer】
◎. Computer, Cell phone, LCDMonitor
◎. Digital camera (electronic screw)
◎. LCD TV Block (Special Screw)
◎. Hardware for industrial machinery
◎. Household electrical appliances Automotive Aviation industry fasteners
◎. From CNC automatic lathes to precision manufacturing of cam lathes

Production Process
• Receipt of specification sheet. confirmation of IQC
• Programming set, Confirmation of the First task
• Machine setup. Confirmation of the First Task.
• Process inspection process after processing outsourcing processing
• Random check of IPQC packaging.  
• Package and warehousing.  

Quality Vision
• Commitment to surpass customers's request.
• Satisfy of our customers' standard.
• To become 1st Tier supplier for our global customers.
• To become QC worry-free for our customers.
• Zero negative quality complaints.
• Commitment to perfect satisfaction.
• ISO 9001 as our standard quality management.

Our Commitments

• Continuous supply of new products and technologically advanced concept.

• Meeting quality standard by all major testing agents and factories.

• Innovation and self-improvement at all times.